TOEFL which means test of English as a foreign language is the most common test after IELTS and equally well accepted. It is offered by a United state-based company in contrast with IELTS which is offered by the University of Cambridge so you understand why most of your friends that intend to study in the united states prefer to write TOEFL. In addition, it contains materials with American English/accent rather than British or Australian English/accent and has more centres in the united states and worldwide.

It is a computer based academic test (this means it cannot be used as an evidence for the purpose of migration) It also has four sections; speaking, writing, reading and listening. It is a longer exam than the IELTS, about four hours. The speaking test section does not involve conversation with another human, rather your speech is recorded, and you are meant to explain your opinions, summarise and interpret information from other sources.

It is cheaper than IELTS and you can pay online with a debit or credit card except for some countries such as Benin, Cote d ivory, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Togo where only visa cards are accepted.

To apply, you need to create a profile.

Read the information carefully before starting.

Fill the form and click on continue.

Agree to the terms after reading and proceed.

Fill the form and click on continue.

Confirm your information and agree to the terms and condition.

After the last step, it logs you in to your home page. Click on register for a test.

Select TOEFL as your product type, click on continue.

Read the important test registration information and agree to terms.

Fill and search for available dates.

Choose a centre.

A registration summary pops up after you have chosen a centre, click on continue.

Enter your ID information.

Choose your score reporting preference.

Select your score recipient if you know the institution otherwise, skip.

Your order is ready and you will be taken to the payment page.