Keep calm and refine your habits

Do not be tensed, dry deep breathing exercises or pacing which may help you to reduce stress. Meet the other interviewees and engage in a conservation, sometimes they possess the information that may be important to your success. When called upon, knock before you enter even if the door is open and wait to be ushered or told to come in. Walk gently into the room and while standing at the Centre, close to your seat, with a good smile greet everyone. Never attempt to seat before you are told to. If after waiting, you are not offered one, politely ask “if you may have your seat

While seating, you should put your fold case or folder at your dominant side. Never put it on the table or your laps: what if it falls. Don’t put your hands on the table too, let them be on your laps. When talking, always smile. Do not interrupt the interviewers and allow them to finish their sentences. Listen before you speak. If you do not understand a question, smile and ask them to repeat it or ask it in another way to help you understand.

At the end of the interview, greet them and thank them for their time. Close the door gently behind you. If you met the door open, ask if they prefer the door shut or open.